Cybersecurity is complicated, but you are not alone. Let us help you bring your security to the next level.

Advisory Services

Are you applying safeguards to protect your organization's valuable information? We measure the effectiveness of your controls through performance validation testing. Using standards-based, client-specific assessments we help drive strategy and risk management.

Cloud Security & Compliance

Are you taking full advantage of the cloud's security capabilities? Our certified consultants review your cloud security architecture against vendor-approved best practices and work with you to take full advantage of the security benefits the cloud has to offer.

Penetration Testing and Security Services

Our certified consultants test key aspects of your environment for flaws that an adversary can take advantage of. An initial vulnerability assessment is performed to highlight vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and applications. Various penetration tests are then conducted with the ultimate goal of improving your organization's security posture.

Third-party Risk Management Review

Are you monitoring the cyber risks imposed by third parties? Our third-party risk management framework identifies relationships with vendors, suppliers, business partners and service providers. We highlight areas of risk and identify suppliers whose practices should be further assessed.

Managed Security Services

Outsource your Cybersecurity operations to a capable and proven third party - Us. Our practice supports proactive threat detection and security technology management.

Cyber Breach & Incident Response

Using scenario-based cyber exercises, we work with your team at the Executive level to test your response plans and processes. Realistic scenarios that are tailor-made for your business enhance your cyber response preparedness.

Program Reviews and Gap Assessment

An effective Information Security program includes strong vendor management, vulnerability management, patch management, technical and administrative controls, awareness and training to name a few. We review your program holistically and identify areas in need of improvement, providing recommendations as needed.

Phishing Exercises and Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Social Engineering relies on a set of technological, psychological, and physical techniques that trick a user into breaking security protocols. Using techniques like phishing, vishing, and impersonation we test your organization's end-user security awareness. The goal is to help your organization understand gaps in your security awareness program and ultimately improve your security posture.